For the items in these lists you might use one of the following sets of response options. The options are not universally appropriate, so suggestions for individual items appear below by letter designation.

If you decide that you would like to use these questions, please contact support and we will upload them for you.

Transition to Remote/Online Learning

  • I continued to learn effectively despite the sudden transition to remote or online learning. B(C) 
  • Communication from the university about the transition to remote or online learning was sufficient. B(C)
  • The instructor altered instructional methods effectively to fit the sudden transition to remote or online learning. B(C)
  • I learned as much in the remote or online portion of the course as I did before the sudden transition. B(C)
  • I had the resources I needed (internet access, computer, etc.) to make the sudden transition to remote or online learning effectively. B(C)

Student Interactions

  • How often did learning activities include interactions between students in the course? A
  • I interacted with other students in this course. A
  • There was adequate opportunity to interact online with other students. B(C) 
  • The instructor assigned group projects that required collaborative thinking.
  • In this class I connected with others whose backgrounds were different from my own.
  • Being involved in an online learning /study group with other students is important to me. B(C)

Interactions with the instructor

  • The instructor was available to answer my questions.
  • My instructor in this course really knew me. B(C)
  • The instructor was active and engaged with the students. A/B/C
  • There was adequate opportunity to interact online with the instructor. B(C)
  • There was adequate opportunity to interact online with professionals in the field. B(C)

Course Design/Course Materials

  • The expectations of this course were clearly outlined at the beginning of this course. B(C) 
  • The course materials are easily accessible.
  • The course materials were easy to navigate.
  • Navigating through the layout of the course materials helped me learn. 
  • The instructions for accessing resource materials were complete. B(C)
  • The instructions for accessing resource materials were easy to follow. B(C)
  • Overall, the course materials were easy to use. B(C)
  • The course materials supported my learning. B(C)
  • The way this course was put together motivated me to learn.
  • The [insert course component] was easy to use.
  • The [insert course component] supported my learning.
  • I was able to understand and follow the course-supporting materials (e.g., [insert examples].).

Online Activities

  • Response Options: 1 = All (95–100%), 2 = Very Much (50–95%), 3 = Some (25–50%), 4 = A Little (1-25%), 5 = None
  • How much of your interaction with the instructor occurred online?
  • How much of your work involved online group activities (including discussion boards and chat)
  • How much of your assignments had to be completed online?

Technology Support

  • How often did you request technical assistance or support for this online course?
  • The [insert resource or technology] was very helpful to me.
  • I was able to get technology support for this online course from the university/college when needed.
  • Adequate training opportunities were provided to use the technology for this course.
  • The [insert specific technology] used in this course worked in the way it was supposed to. 
  • The communication tools were easy to use (chatroom, message board, e-mail, etc.).

Technology & Instructor

  • The instructor used the technology effectively to communicate the learning objectives.
  • The instructor used the technology effectively to engage the students.
  • The instructor engaged students in critically analyzing the work of others.

Technology and Learning

  • The use of [insert technology] helped me learn the [insert course material]. B(C)
  • [Insert teaching method or technology] was a strength of this course. B(C)
  • I felt I had individualized instruction tailored to my learning needs (e.g., able to work at my own pace, get help when I needed it).
  • Time spent using [insert technology] was productive. A
  • I enjoy learning online. B or C
  • The online materials and activities for this class helped me learn.
  • The instructor provided opportunities for students to learn from each other. 
  • As a rule, I work best in self-directed and self-paced course formats.

General Satisfaction

  • All things being equal, I like taking classes online.
  • I would like to take another course that uses [insert technology]. B(C) 
  • I liked the [insert] format of this course.
  • I liked the format of this course.
  • All factors considered, the advantages of including online components outweigh the limitations.

Open Ended (Free Response) Questions

  • What aspects of this course contributed most to your learning?
  • How could this course be changed to better support your learning?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of the online environment [add specific technologies] for your learning in this course?
  • What suggestions would you offer to the instructor for improvement of this course?

Possible Student Learning Outcomes

  • Collaboratively creating knowledge with other learners
  • Learning on my own
  • Evaluating other learners’ work and commentaries
  • Writing in a public arena
  • Guiding and managing my own learning


  • Hardly Ever
  • Occasionally
  • Sometimes
  • Frequently
  • Almost Always


  • Strongly Disagree
  • Disagree
  • Neither Agree nor Disagree
  • Agree
  • Strongly Agree


  • Definitely False
  • More False than True 
  • In Between
  • More True than False
  • Definitely True