Are you new to CoursEval and/or using rotation surveys for the first time? Or need a refresher? If so, you have found the correct article to help you along. This article will give you a process overview and will link to various articles and/or videos to help you in creating the many types of rotation surveys available.

What is a rotation survey? A rotation survey is designed for professional schools where students go off campus to various site locations at different times (blocks). The rotation survey allows the student to evaluate, or be evaluated, at the various sites throughout the course. 


Why would I use a rotation survey? There are a lot of uses for rotation surveys.  These surveys can be used to evaluate student experiences at experiential learning sites, small groups, faculty assessment of students on the expected competencies and outcomes, faculty peer assessments, and other things. 



Typical CoursEval Process Steps Each Semester:

  • Step 1: Data Imports of the Basic Course Data and Rotation Imports –
    • What imports are required?
      • Faculty – Adds or updates faculty accounts
      • Student – Adds or updates student accounts
      • Course – Adds or updates courses for a term/semester
      • Enrollment/s – Links students to courses for a term (faculty enrollment imports can also be helpful if you have team taught courses)
      • Block – Adds the time blocks to CoursEval. One time if the blocks are re-used each cycle
      • Sites – Adds the site locations to CoursEval. Once time if the sites are re-used each semester
      • Course/Block – links the blocks to the course
      • Course/Site – links the sites to the course
      • Faculty Site Import (Optional) – links the faculty to the site 
  • Step 2: Survey Setup & Schedule 
  • Step 3: Group Email Setup & Schedule - Automated Notifications are Highly Recommended and if they are set up this can be skipped
  • Step 4: Reports 

Here is a list of quick links to various articles and videos in CoursEval to help you as you work through the process steps each semester: