Are you looking for a way to allow external users, those outside of your institution, to take part in the course evaluation process? If so, the information below will help you with learning more about this function. 

External users will need to be imported into Course Evaluations. The import will need an extra column, Force Internal with a Y or Yes in the column for each external user. This field is available in both the faculty and student imports. Adding this field will bypass the school authentication for the external users. 

Here is a screenshot of the Data Dictionary for a faculty import. The Force Internal column can be added to the student import as well, if needed:

Also, on the individual's account page, you can manually set the Local Authentication check-box to bypass the school authentication. This can be set via import, as described above, or manually by checking, or unchecking, the box highlighted below:

When the initial Group Email is sent to the external users, they will be prompted to create a password that will be used for Course Evaluations:

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