So, you've got a question about CoursEval and you need help from our Support Team. Well, that help is just one-click or one-email away. We use a ticketing system that allows you to submit your request, get email updates anytime a Support Agent comments on or resolves the ticket, and gives you an easy way to communicate with your Support Agent via email or directly from the ticketing system portal (Zendesk).

Via Email...

The easiest way to ask for help is to send an email to:

  • The email will automatically create a ticket 
  • The subject becomes the ticket title
  • The ticket is automatically associated to the AMS CoursEval product
  • Your account will be automatically created in Zendesk the first time you send a request

Via CoursEval...

If your CoursEval site is on version 3.85.1 or higher you can access the new ticket form on the CoursEval home page. Look for Request Support.

  • The AMS CoursEval product is selected by default (do not change this!)
  • Fill out the page and submit to get your request in to the queue

If your CoursEval site is on a version prior to 3.85.1 the links to create new tickets will add tickets to our obsolete ticketing system. This may cause delays in responding. Please use the support email or go directly to the Zendesk new ticket form to receive the fastest response.


When your support ticket is resolved, you'll be able to rate your support experience or reply to the notification email to re-open the request if you feel your issue has not been resolved. 

Did you know?

  • Once you create a ticket, you will receive an email notification confirming that we received your request for help.
  • If you have additional comments to add to that ticket after you submit it, you can just reply to that email and your comments will be automatically forwarded to the Support Associate to which it is assigned.
  • Likewise, when the Support Agent adds information or commentary to the ticket, you will receive an email with that information.
  • You can always check the status of any of your support requests by clicking on the My Tickets link on the CoursEval home page.
  • Any tickets created prior to October 1, 2018 can still be accessed via the My Tickets - Legacy link on the CoursEval home page.