From the time you submit your request for help you will receive communication via email of any updates made to your ticket. This article describes how you can provide updates to your Support Associate, monitor progress and even provide feedback on how the Support Associate did in solving your problem. 


You can interact with your ticket from your email program for from the the Support Center Home page. 

From your email program

Every time an update is made to your ticket, you will receive an email showing you the update that was made. You will also be given an opportunity to reply to the email with any comments or answers to questions your Support Associate may have asked you.

Simply reply to the email and put your comments/answers at the top of the email. The ticket will automatically update in our Support Center and the assigned Support Associate will receive a notification that you have provided the necessary feedback.

This process can continue until the ticket is resolved.

When the ticket is resolved, you will be given an opportunity to indicate your agreement as to the resolution of the request for help. If you agree, you don't have to do anything. If you don't think your request has been satisfactorily resolved, you can reply to the ticket and the process can continue.

After the ticket has been closed (either by you or automatically after resolution), you will receive a request to provide feedback on how the Support Associate did in resolving your help request. These feedback surveys are important in the process of maintaining our high level of service and we take them seriously so please take a minute to fill them out.

From the CoursEval Home page

  1. Click the My Tickets link on the home page
  2. Login to the Campus Labs support portal (if you need access please email
  3. You will see the ticket status page which lists all of the tickets you submitted and their current status.
  4. You can click on any ticket to see the details, provide an update, or even close the ticket if you are no longer experiencing the problem.