Are you looking to add or remove instructors on an active survey? If so, this quick guide outlines how to manually add correct faculty and remove the incorrect faculty from active surveys.

Manually Adding, Removing, or Changing Faculty on a Course and Survey

1. Add the faculty under Set Up - Core Data - Courses - Manage Faculty - Edit List

  • Remove any incorrect faculty by unchecking the name(s)
  • Click ‘Save.

2. Go to the Survey Menu - Survey Administrations - Detailed Settings -Responsible Faculty - Change

  • Check new/correct faculty and/or uncheck the incorrect faculty. Enter a reason for the change and press Change Faculty

3. Click on Detailed Settings - Question Category Settings to select or deselect the faculty

  • When adding a faculty, the selected the name will appear immediately on the survey to students who have not taken the survey

          NOTE: Make sure to check the new person’s name in Question Category Settings so they will receive the questions

  • When removing a faculty, if instructor/people based questions were used on the survey, any results collected will still be attached to the original faculty member. If you do not want to keep results, click Remove to clear the responses that are attached to the incorrect faculty name

NOTE: This will delete all responses for that faculty member

  • If you would like to keep the results attached to the original faculty, do not click remove and only check the new person’s name

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