Looking to manually import your term/semester data in to Course Evaluations? If so, here is the list of the required imports for Course Evaluations and the order that you should follow each term when importing:

Note: Click the import name below to see the individual article and video for that import type 

  • Faculty - This import brings in new faculty and/or updates existing faculty if there was a change in a data item. 
  • Student - This import brings in new students and/or updates existing students if there was a change in data item. 
  • Course - This import brings in the new courses for the term and/or updates existing courses if there was a change in a data item. This import also allows the ability to add the instructor.
  • Enrollment-student - This import assigns the students to the course for the term/semester. 
  • Enrollment-faculty - This import is not required, but if you have team-taught instruction you will want to complete this import to bring in the additional instructors for the course.

NOTE: If an Institution has multiple databases in Course Evaluations, the CE Manager needs to make sure to be in the correct database before starting the import. 

Video - Course Evaluations Core Imports

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