The Students option is used by the CoursEval Manager to manually create a student record, to look up student information, and to send a student their login information (if using internal authentication). This record allows the student to be associated with a program and graduation year (for lock-step programs).  The student record also allows the CoursEval Manager to create access to the survey level of CoursEval.

The Student screen lists all of the students by database, program, and graduation year.  The list is controlled by the drop-down menus at the top of the list page.


  • Each student that is entered must have their own unique user name.
  • Passwords will be set the first time they log in and can be easily reset if they forget it.
  • Students ONLY have access to the surveys for the courses to which they are assigned – they will not have access to any other surveys.  This assignment is controlled by the CoursEval Manager on a course and survey basis.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Student user names must be unique.

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