• Select 'Add New' from the list screen.
  • Enter the student's name.
  • Enter a User Name.  This is the user name that the student will use to log into the student level of CoursEval.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Each person in the CoursEval database MUST have a unique user name.

  • Default Password - Pre version 3.89: The value in this field will become the user’s default local password if the school is using internal authentication. This value can be up to 35 characters in length.
    Post version 3.89: For added security, users will be forced to set their own password the first time they log in. 
  • Enter an ID number. ID Numbers can be the Institution ID number or any other identifier.
  • Enter the student's e-mail address.  This is a REQUIRED field, as CoursEval uses this field to send e-mails to students.
  • Select the main Program with which this person is involved.  This is not a required field. The drop-down menu lists all of the programs that are associated with the school or Institution. This step attaches a student to a specific program.
  • Select the Graduation Year from the drop-down menu.  This is not a required field.
  • To include a photo of a student, insert the file location of the photograph in the "URL to Picture" field.   Enter the URL to the student's picture.  To find the file on the server, click the browse button and select the correct file.  Click 'Add' or 'Save' to update the record.
  • Enter any demographic data.
  • Select the person's Primary Role from the drop-down menu.  The Primary Role determines the kinds of roles, selected in the next step that the CoursEval Manager can assign to a person.  If the Primary role is set to 'Student or Faculty,' this person will appear in both the Student and Faculty lists.
  • Select a Role, if applicable, from the list.  See User Roles for the definition of a particular role.
  • Check User's Current Status.  Checking this box verifies that the person is currently active.
    • Active Status – The student is 'turned on," active, and is available to be used.  The status can be changed (turned off) at any time by the CoursEval Manager.
    • Inactive Status – The student is 'turned off,' deactivated, and is not available to be used.  The status can be changed (turned on) at any time by the CoursEval Manager.  
  • Check Survey Site Access to allow access to the survey site.  Although access privileges are also determined by the user's role, this box must be checked for this person to be able to log into the CoursEval Survey site.
  • Check Local Authentication to override the authentication for this user.  This allows the user to be authenticated internally rather than from an external source.
  • Check E-mail Survey Site Access Information to send Survey Site access information to the user.  If this box is marked, click 'Save' and the User Name, Password, and Survey Link will be e-mailed to the user.
  • Click 'Add.'

NOTE:The year of graduation, gender, and ethnicity pick lists are edited through the pick-list editor.

IMPORTANT NOTE: NEVER delete students that have data!  Deleting will cause the survey reporting data to become disconnected and make the data useless.  If a student leaves the school, just deactivate the student record.

To Edit a Record

  • Click on the name and update any information that has changed

  • Click 'Save.'

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